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How much does diabetic eye care cost you? 

With our integrated therapy model, you won't have to wonder - you'll know.

Integrating retinal specialist services with our evaluation service allows for “one price” coverage of both annual eye evaluations and the necessary treatments for specific DR/ME conditions. Our integrated therapy services include visits to your site by one of our board certified retinal specialists to perform DR/ME laser procedures, according to evidence based guidelines for high risk patients selected through standard ETDRS grading.

With treatments such as fluorescein angiograms, panretinal photocoagulation laser surgery, and focal laser surgery already included in the per patient evaluation price, you'll know what your total diabetic care costs look like in advance.

Reduce referrals. Streamline vists. Cap Costs. Improve Care.

Eye care referral rates can range from 25% to 35% of your diabetic population including non DR/ME issues.

Using Inoveon's integrated therapy option, referral rates to third party eye care can decrease by 5% to 8% by therapeutically intervening in those patients in need of treatment for DR/ME. This also decreases repetitious visits by patients for re-examination of well-documented conditions needing standard laser therapy.

Call and ask us for details to see how our integrated DR/ME therapy option can help you.

Most compliance issues for diabetic eye care occur in the required transition of the patient from their diabetes care physician (typically a primary care physician) to the eye care provider (typically an ophthalmologist or a retinal specialist).


Inoveon's integrated therapy model reduces or eliminates this risk, improving compliance and overall patient care.