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InoveonIfa Systems AG

"Gold Standard" Diabetic Retinal Imaging

Diabetic retinal imaging process according to the ETDRS "Gold Standard" for 7-field stereo fundus photography.

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Therapy for Diabetic Eye Conditions

Inoveon works with board-certified retinal specialists to triage and treat patients needing standard sight-preserving treatments for diabetic retinopathy and macular edema - all included.

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Analytics, EHR Integration, and Patient Compliance

With over 100,000 iScans to date, Inoveon provides unparalleled metrics on incidence, referals, compliance, and quality.

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Comprehensive Diabetic Eye Care

Inoveon's exclusive and comprehensive  focus on diabetic eye care starts with the only ATA level 4 certifiied retinal evaluation process to identify patients needing care.

From there, our partnerships with the specialists in the retinal care community allow us to offer treatment for diabetic related eye disease at the lowest possible per patient cost for a given diabetic population.

And our proven technology platform allows us to provide clients with unparalleled information and system integration including reports, analytics, EHR integration, and much more.

Nearly all patients with diabetes develop evidence of DR during their lifetime – the leading cause of preventable blindness in the adult working-aged population

Treatments for DR are extremely effective if delivered at the right time in the disease process.