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InoveonIfa Systems AG

Extend your reach and bring patient care closer.

Introducing Inoveon's OnSite system - a fully self contained, mobile platform that can be set up and operated in any facility.

With Inoveon's OnSite iScan mobile imaging system, patients don't need to travel as far to receive care, making them more likely to receive their annual mandated diabetic eye exams. Portability allows the system to be delivered and operated in locations in closer proximity to where patients receive care.  Patients served by remote clinics with little or no access to imaging equipent or ophthalmic care are are now within reach with OnSite.

Slash costs with more efficient use of equipment and space.

With Onsite, clinics can use a single retinal imaging system to service patients in multiple facilities, spreading the cost of equipment over a larger patient population, reducing per-patient costs.

Mobility ensures optimal use of imaging equipment while freeing up exam room or other clinic space for other purposes when the OnSite system is not in use.

Call us and ask how Onsite iScan can help you.

Racial and ethnic health disparities exist with the microvascular complications of diabetes, not only because their frequency of diabetes is high, but also because there is evidence that complications occur more frequently among individuals with diabetes in these minority populations. Some of the racial differences in diabetic complications may be explained by differences in availability and quality of health services.

Compliance with recommended annual dilated eye exams to detect DR early and refer patients for treatment continues to be a challenge across all segments of the population, but is particularly problematic in rural and other underserved communities.