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InoveonIfa Systems AG

Individual results for patients and doctors.

Inoveon's iScore provides a standard, easy-to-read report, generated for each study and returned to the ordering physician within 48 hours. The report is color coded for easy recognition of patients that require more careful monitoring (yellow) or ophthalmic referral (red) from those that can be routinely monitored on a yearly basis (green). Inoveon's 10-step scale is adapted from ETDRS Report Number 12 (Ophthalmology 1991;98:823-33).

Below are three examples of the iScore report with increasing levels of retinopathy




Analytics across your entire diabetic population.

Inoveon also provides clients with unparalled analytics across their diabetic population, helping drive decisions that improve care and reduce costs.


Quality Reporting.

Quality management is integral to Inoveon's day to day operations.  As a standard practice, we share individualized quality data on our service and performace with all our clients.